Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pro-Christian demonstration in Lyon

About five hundred people came out to demonstrate their concern for Iraqi Christians on Saturday July 26 in Lyon. Several religious dignitaries were present including Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon.

Le Salon Beige reports:

During the rally a letter dated July 24 from His Beatitude Louis Raphaël 1st Sako, patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, to His Eminence cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon and primate of the Gauls:

"To His Eminence Cardinal Philippe Barbarin

Archbishop of Lyon

Your Eminence, dear Father,

as my thoughts today turn to the situation in Iraq, Syria and Gaza-Palestine, my heart bleeds for the innocent who are dying or are being driven from their homes, and I am sad for the timidity of the civilized world towards us.

Dear Father,

your courage, prayer, and the closeness of those who are around you in this march of solidarity, keep alive in us the confidence and strength needed to hope.

Eastern Christianity must not disappear. Its disappearance is a mortal sin and a great loss to the Church and humanity. It must survive or better, it must live in freedom and dignity.

In this storm, may you and those who are with you accept the expression of my gratitude.

Forget us not!

Raphael Louis Sako
Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans

Baghdad, 24 July 2014"

Note: I have posted the English version of the letter as it appears at AsiaNews.

Read about Louis Sako (above) at Wikipedia.

Also read the latest article from Patriarch Sako at AINA.

The organizers of the pro-Christian rally in Lyon sent this communiqué:

"On the initiative of the Assyro-Chaldean community of Lyon and of the Christians of Lyon, a crowd of more than five hundred persons gathered to alert the public authorities and the media about the dramatic situation of the Christians of Iraq.

Father Annis Hanna, op, an Iraqi dominican, described the condition of the places affected by EIIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) policies. Since the decree of July 17, the Christians have four choices: to convert to Islam, to pay the tax owed by dhimmis (several times the average wage), to leave the country and leave behind all goods, or to die. At the border checkpoint, baby bottles, wedding rings, everything is confiscated. Christians who fled Mosul by the thousands these past few days lost everything. Only sixty-five families remain in Mosul.

Present today were archbishop Barbarin, primate of the Gauls, Camel Kabtane, grand mufti of the great mosque of Lyon, representatives of the Assyro-Chaldean community of Lyon, Vaulx-en-Velin and the Rhône, and representatives of other churches. Letters from Louis Sako, patriarch of the Chaldeans and professor Joseph Yacoub, specialist on human rights, and rights of ethnic and linguistic minorities, were read.

He then names the political dignitaries who were present, and closes:

The situation of the Christians of Iraq is sincerely moving and contrary to the great principles of Human Rights. France and Europe cannot remain insensitive and must act in the interest of these populations and in their own interests before it is too late."

Note: The last line above implies that France had better act soon, prompting one Le Salon Beige reader to write:

- Is it not evident from the speed of events in Iraq and the Mideast, that it is we who should now be preparing mentally to fight - now for our own children here in France, where the secular government, totally complicit, doesn't move a finger to stop the criminal impulses of Islamists both in and out of our country, as we can see in the latest violence during demonstrations that were banned…!!!??

While Valls and other authorities, on the right, on the left, break the ramadan fast, how many Mohamed Merah are being indoctrinated in the mosques of France by imams taking advantage of republican opportunities!!!??? And again, without mentioning the innumerable crimes that we read about every day, you'd think we were in the Camp of the Saints. It's revolting. It's time to open our eyes. After Iraq, what comes next? Jihadists are at the gates of Europe, make no mistake!

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Pro-Christian demonstration in Paris (with Mauritanians!)

While five thousand "pro-Gaza" demonstrators intimidated the police on Saturday July 26 in Paris, only about one thousand pro-Christian demonstrators showed up at Trocadéro (above) to express their support for the Christians of Iraq. Like most Christian demonstrations, they were polite, friendly and totally non-violent, until the rally was disrupted by an invasion of Muslim Africans from Mauritania, a land that was part of French West Africa a century ago. Tall men wearing traditional costumes, carrying a green flag embellished with a crescent, arrived at Trocadéro  presumably to protest their government's policy on the census but other than that I have no idea why they were there. Their protest was authorized by the prefect, but they were supposed to march towards their own embassy, not stand on the terrace where the Christians were demonstrating. The video below gives some idea. There's nothing to translate, but you may hear the words "Islam assassin!" and "Nous sommes tous des Chrétiens d'Orient!" (We are all Eastern Christians!) towards the end.

Caroline Alamachère of Riposte Laïque describes the scene as "not spectacular" but "invigorating" thanks to the motivation of those who chose to come. As for those who did not come:

Some Christians had refused to come support their brothers because of the presence of Frenchmen a bit too patriotic for their taste. Patriotism, the kind their grandfathers died for, has now become odious and eminently condemnable. Of course, these conscientious condemnations only hold true for Frenchmen, since the patriotism of foreigners is strongly encouraged and applauded. (…)

Of course, the journalists did not deem it useful to come, except for TV-Libertés, always conscientious and trustworthy. The other media sources scorned ostensibly the fate of the most persecuted religious community in the world. One hundred five thousand deaths in 2012 alone, repeated in 2013, then 2014… but this won't help the ratings of the nightly news. The massacre of Christians doesn't sell, it's worth nothing.

She then describes the singing of hymns in French and Aramaic, led by Yako Elish, a Franco-Iraqi Christian who co-founded the Association of Aid to the Minorities of the East. At that point the Mauritanians arrived:

The police, instead of sending them away for not having legal papers or for disturbing the peace, told us to move away. Tension and aggressiveness towards us increased, a confrontation was imminent. While I was filming the scene a policeman, very irritated, told me to move away because they might become agitated. "Madame, you are doing it deliberately, move away, it's not worth provoking them". The last straw! This was our demonstration, they came to disrupt it, but we're the ones who have to move away, back off, leave the place to them and above all not provoke them, since obviously they might become aggressive (…)

The leader of the Mauritanians chanted "Racism in Mauritania!" and "I am black! I am black!", repeating it over and over for many minutes, as we shrugged our shoulders in disbelief muttering: "Who cares if you're black!"

The crowd of Christian supporters, quite angry at being prevented from demonstrating, angry as well at the sight of a Palestinian flag flying in the distance began to shout: "Islam assassin!" "We are all Eastern Christians!", followed by "Hollande assassin!" and "Fabius assassin!". This was enough to cheer up those who bemoaned the fact that more Christians did not feel the need to come support their persecuted brothers.

Here is a brief excerpt from Wikipedia about Mauritania:

 - Modern-day slavery is still a common practice in Mauritania. According to some estimates, up to 600,000 Mauritanians, or 20% of the population, are still enslaved. A 2012 CNN report, "Slavery's Last Stronghold," by John D. Sutter, describes and documents the ongoing slave-owning cultures. This social discrimination is applied chiefly against the "black Moors" (Haratin) in the northern part of the country, where tribal elites among "white Moors" (Beidane) hold sway. Low-caste groups within the sub-Saharan African ethnic groups of the south are also sometimes enslaved.

The sign reads:

"Christians are crucified alive on crosses with nails."

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July 26, 2014, a friendly pro-Gaza demonstration

It was a bad day in Paris. I was out most of the day, so I'm just catching up. I hope my readers have other sources of information. The video below shows what happened in Paris yesterday July 26 during a pro-Gaza demonstration. I read that the demonstration had been banned. But in accordance with the rule that orders from the prefect do not apply to pro-Palestinians the ban was observed in the breach. From the video things became very violent and the police had to back off. There is a slide show at Le Figaro. The photo above reminded me of 9/11.

The websites are immersed in pro and anti comments, most of them beyond the irrational. "Irrational" no longer describes the reactions of those readers who either hate Israel or who place the blame for the violence in Paris squarely on the shoulders of the Jews themselves. There is of course some truth in this, but the Jews who promoted immigration belong almost entirely to the left and extreme-left. There is plenty of blame to go around - the French leaders of both "right" and left have pursued a catastrophic immigration policy for five decades. But right now it seems we have gone beyond the point where reasonable discourse is possible. 

A reminder: the term "antisemitism" has today the meaning of anti-Jewish, even though Arabs and Berbers are also Semites. The word (which I write as one word) does not refer to Arabs, even though in the strictest linguistic sense it does. The battle that the Western countries will have to fight sooner or later will be against Islam, not against Arabs. Islam is everywhere. It is a politico-religious ideology found in Africa, Indonesia, China, America, Europe, Russia, Turkey, etc... as well as the Middle East. For now, the Israelis, with their better army and their better skills, are winning their phase of the war. David can beat Goliath just so long. At some point, if Israel loses, the Muslims will feel superhumanly powerful and will have no trouble taking over the terrified West, unless we stop them.

Is the West worth fighting for? Not in its current state of decadence. But we have no choice. It's our civilization.

The silence of Marine Le Pen is also being talked about, and I will try to have a post on it time permitting. The Jewish websites have revealed that the vast majority of anti-Israel comments are banned in the French press, which triggered some sarcasm at François Desouche where the readers hostile to Israel claim this is always the case. Jewish websites consistently regard France as antisemitic and the rise of the Front National as proof. However, in the comment sections there are always some who mercifully point out that the problem in France is the rise of Islam, and that the aim of Islam is first to kill the Jews, then the Christians. Whether these sane comments have any real effect I cannot say.

Note that I am posting the video without permission from the producers. I will try to get their consent. If it is removed, you can view it at YouTube.

Many other things happened today in France: pro-Christian demonstrations in Paris and Lyon, possibly elsewhere. I will provide more information as soon as possible.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Scenes from July 23, 2014

Here are two photos from Wednesday's demonstration in Paris. They speak for themselves. There are many more at Riposte Laïque.

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More demonstrations to come

Jean-Patrick Grumberg, writing at Dreuz (a pro-Christian, pro-Israel site), has posted a map (above) of Wednesday's (July 23) demonstrations throughout France. All demonstrations were in support of Hamas, and all were authorized by the government. Several associations sponsored these events: 1) the AFPS (Solidarity France-Palestine); 2) the Collective for a Just and Lasting Peace between Palestinians and Israelis; 3) the Collective Solidarity-Palestine; 4) the 69 Collective for Support for the Palestinian People. The first one listed above demonstrated in Lille and Reims; the second in Paris; the third in Toulouse; the fourth in Lyon:

Will these demonstrations be an excuse for pogroms, like the previous ones? We'll find out soon enough, but I can assure you already that in the neighborhoods involved, the Jews will have to hide.

Note: I have not yet learned anything definitive about  the consequences of the July 23 demonstrations. There was tight security everywhere. 

The organizers gave the public authorities all the guarantees that antisemitic violence would be disguised as anti-Zionism. The government agreed, hypocritically, and in order to contain the furor of the future masters of the country.

Nobody in France, from Dieudonné and the pro-Palestinian demonstrations when they shouted "Hitler was right", nobody still believes in the existence of anti-Zionism.

Note: There was an attempt to distinguish between antisemitism and hostility to the existence of Israel, known as anti-Zionism. People would say "I have nothing against the Jews, I just don't think Israel should exist." But this fallacious reasoning has been discredited. Islam is out to get the Jews, Israel or no Israel, just as it is out to get the Christians, wherever they may be.

Grumberg then lists the dates and times of upcoming demonstrations, throughout France, beginning with July 23 and ending July 26. Even if you don't know French, you can understand this schedule. The first word of each item is the name of the city. Note that on July 26 there will be a demonstration in Lyon where a pro-Christian demonstration is also being held.

Paris, mercredi 23 juillet à 18h30 Place Denfert-Rochereau pour se diriger ensuite aux Invalides
Lyon, Mercredi 23 à 18h place Terreaux
Lille, Mercredi 23 à 15h Metro République
Valenciennes, le 25 à 14h30 place d’Armes
Bruxelles, le 25 à 15h30 place de l’Albertine
Paris, Samedi 26/ Trocadero 15h (à confirmer)
Nice, le 26 à 15h place Massena
Vannes, 26 à 15h place de la Mairie
Avignon, 26 à 11h St Chamand
Hénin Beaumont, le 26 à 16h (lieu à venir)
Lyon, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – Place de la République
Marseille, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – Vieux Port
Bordeaux, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h30 Place Pey Berland
Lille, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – Métro République – Beaux Arts
Montpellier, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h30 – Place de la Comédie
Mulhouse, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h place de la Réunion
Strasbourg, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – Place Kléber
Toulouse, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h30 – Place du Capitole
Nantes, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h30 – Rue de la Barillerie
Douai, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h30 – Devant la sous-préfecture
La Rochelle, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – Sur le port, statue Duperré
Le Mans, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – Place de la République
Montauban, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h30 – devant la préfecture
Nimes, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – Carré d’art
Orléans, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h30 – Place d’Arc
Pau, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h – devant la préfecture
Poitiers, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h – marché des Couronneries
Reims, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h – Place d’Erlon
Rouen, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h – Mairie Grand Quevilly
Saint-Etienne, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – Hotel de ville
Saint-Nazaire, Samedi 26 juillet à 16h – devant bassin de la mairie
Tours, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h30 – Hotel de ville
Bruxelles, Samedi 26 juillet à 15h – Avenue de Stalingrad

Thus we see that on Saturday ("samedi") July 26 there will be no fewer than twenty-seven pro-Palestinian demonstrations in France, and one in Brussels.

Grumberg closes:

When I look at this list I say to myself that the Islamic invasion of France is in an advanced stage.

Of course it is. The invasion has never stopped. The last official figures from the government stated five million immigrants. But that was back in the late nineties. We are in 2014. When you estimate the normal population growth, plus illegals, plus the never-ending newcomers forever arriving on the shores and being housed, clothed, fed, and educated by the French taxpayers, you cannot help but be amazed when you read that the majority of Frenchmen are indifferent as to who should win the war in the Middle East.

Another article at Dreuz by Michel Garroté reveals the results of a recent poll:

62% of those polled favor banning the so-called pro-Palestinian demonstrations, while 25% oppose the ban. Of those in favor of the ban, 60% are leftist, and 70% are from the right. But at the extremes, 85% of the Front National favor the ban compared to only 43% of the Front de Gauche (extreme left). Regarding the source of last weekend's violence, 50% believe it was the result of ethnic tensions and that the problem of ethnic separatism must be addressed (hardly news).

Note: To attribute the violence to ethnic tensions is tantamount to saying it's the Hatfields and the McCoys again, in other words, two equally legitimate forces struggling against one another. But this is not the case. Islam is billions of people. Islam is jihad. Islam is out to conquer the world. Islamic leaders do not hide those facts. Islam aims to destroy Jews and Christians, and to subjugate those who survive.

The most revealing result of the poll concerns the degree of commitment on the part of the French:

71% of the French are indifferent to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The great majority of Frenchmen refuse to take a stand in favor of one or the other.

62% of the French are against the pro-Palestinian demonstrations and 71% are indifferent to the conflict. Clearly, it is the French politicians and journalists who accord a disproportionate importance to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

It is the selected images, favorable to Hamas, broadcast by the French media, that prompt Franco-Muslims to display their Jew-hatred in the street. Not only are French politicians and journalists meddling in something that is none of their affair, but in addition, they create chaos.

Note: Are we to understand that the French people are indifferent to the fact that the future of their country is at stake, or that a major Palestinian victory, should it ever occur, would have a resounding impact on their lives, as would a major Palestinian defeat? They cannot be so indifferent unless they are brain dead. Are they trying not to face reality? They sense the truth, but pretend it's of no importance.

Moreover, whether the French media are favorable or unfavorable towards Hamas does not change the impulse to create mayhem and violence in the streets. We saw with the World Cup that whether Algeria won or lost, the result was the same: rioting in the streets. It would of course be nice if the media told the whole truth - for example the fact that Hamas uses human beings including children as shields, which is one reason why more Palestinians are killed than Israelis.  But would it change anything for France? France is hostage to millions (ten million? twelve million?) of Muslims poised to take over.

There is another article at Dreuz that French readers may want to read. It is very short, but the comments are worth the detour. Some of the topics they discuss: Why are Catholics indifferent to the fate of Jews? (Note that some of the comments are from Catholics. They deplore the indifference of the bishops, among others.) Why is minister of Justice Christiane Taubira interested in the faces of the young Jews who help the JDL?

I have a question: Where is Marine Le Pen hiding? One commenter says she's sitting it out while the government goes down the tubes. But her continued silence on numerous issues of great importance is troubling.

Update: July 25 - A reader just sent this interesting link to Free Republic. It says that 70% of Frenchmen think France will become an Islamic State. Polls vary greatly, and one poll can contradict another. But if 71% of the people don't care who wins the war, it could be because they sense they are doomed in any case. (Or they could be regarding these two questions as separate issues.) At any rate, be cautious of polls. One poll questions one group of selected individuals, another poll questions a different group. 

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

What good are "moderate Muslims?"

If anyone ever tries to use the argument about "peaceful Muslims" refer him to this video. It's posted at Le Salon Beige, but it should be required viewing for every idealistic moron in the Western world. Subtitled in French.

Read about Brigitte Gabriel at Wikipedia.

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July 23, 2014

Another pro-Palestinian demonstration was held in Paris on Wednesday July 23. Between 14,500 and 25,000 participated, however figures vary wildly. According to Le Parisien, it was a peaceful demonstration and there were few arrests. This demonstration was authorized by the prefect.

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"The French Demonstrator"

According to Le Parisien, the man in this photo, known as "The French Demonstrator", has become the icon of the pro-Palestinian demonstration on July 19. Strange, since he doesn't look like a typical pro-Palestinian demonstrator, but his stance, his dancer's strength and agility, his fearless readiness to attack (the police?), his haughtiness, similar to male models of haute couture, give him the look of a Hollywood bad guy. All of which caught the eye of social network mavens and photo-shoppers who wasted no time in fixing him up to their liking. Here are two re-interpretations:

See more here

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Light sentences for demonstrators

How has justice been meted out to the rioters and vandals who turned Paris (above) and Sarcelles into war zones on July 19 and 20? On the whole, the young woman who received nine months in jail with no probation plus a huge fine for posting the photo of a baby monkey is in worse straits than the rioters. According to Le Parisien:

Three suspended sentences and one acquittal were handed down on Monday evening by the criminal court of Paris, during the first trials held in conjunction with the violent pro-Palestinian demonstrations on Saturday. The heaviest penalty, a ten-month suspended sentence, was given to a 33-year-old engineer, found guilty of rebellion and of participation in a group despite orders to disperse. The man, a father with a clean record, who appeared dressed in beige suit, was named the "leader" by the prosecutor, who had asked for six months without probation and a committal order. The court ordered that his conviction not be entered on his record.

Note: In other words, officially he doesn't have a record?

Another man, father of three, a computer programmer, got off with a four-month suspended for the same offenses, as well as for covering his face during a demonstration. He was also sentenced to pay 1,150 euros to a policeman wounded during his arrest. The prosecution had asked for four months without probation and a committal order.

A woman, 31, residing in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence and 105 hours of community service for violence, in this case tear gas thrown at the police. "I didn't think there would be incidents, when in fact it was war. I'm not part of any political group. I just came to demonstrate for Palestine with a friend," she explained to justify herself to the court. She had already be convicted for DUI, driving without insurance, insults and rebellion. The prosecutor wanted to make of her an example in order to avoid other incidents, and asked for ten months in jail with six months of community service.

Finally, one detainee arrested at place de la Bastille even though the rally was at Barbès, another district of Paris, was acquitted on charges of rebellion.

The four were judged immediately in an accelerated process.

Note: When you look at the videos and photos, you can't help wondering why they picked out these four, when others were clearly committing mayhem and destroying property. 

The prosecutor is appealing the suspended sentences.

As for those arrested on July 20 in Sarcelles Le Salon Beige reports: 

The court of Pontoise convicted three men, ages 21 to 28, to jail terms ranging from ten months, with four months probation, to six months with three months probation, for "violence towards representatives of public authority". They were immediately incarcerated. A fourth man was sentenced to three months for "carrying a forbidden weapon." A fifth person, 18, was sentenced to pay eight euros a day for fifty days.

Note: If the fine is not paid in full, the convicted person must spend time in jail corresponding to the number of days he did not pay.

Again, considering the extreme violence in Sarcelles on Sunday, the sentences are light and the vast majority of offenders were not even arrested. What about those who threw Molotov cocktails at the synagogue, who burnt the pharmacy, who destroyed public property, who attacked police cars, etc… ?

Below, another scene from Sarcelles, July 20, in Paris. 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sarcelles, July 20, 2014

The city of Sarcelles (department of Val d'Oise) was the scene of rioting and considerable property damage on Sunday July 20, the day after the violence in the Barbès sector of Paris. The prefect of Val d'Oise, Jean-Luc Névache, banned the Sarcelles demonstration in light of what had happened the day before, but as before, the demonstrators ignored the orders.

An article from Le Figaro stresses the multicultural nature of Sarcelles in which Jews from North Africa, Blacks from Ivory Coast, Chaldeans (along with Turks) and North African Muslims live side by side. The article, a tear-jerker, points out that they all were born in the same hospital and they all went to school together. The merchants whose property was destroyed cannot understand how such a thing could happen, the basic reaction being one of incredulity and shock. I suspect that some of these people, especially the Jews, are not that naive:

(…) All young people up to those who are today twenty-five years old went to the same schools. Today's ethnic separatism involves the youngest ones, those who took part in the riots on Sunday.

Laurent Berros, the rabbi of Sarcelles, is tired. It was a long night, putting things back in order. On the wall behind him this inscription: "Language is like a double-edged sword. It can appease, educate, love and create love, but it can also irritate, deaden and destroy". Last week he was informed of a peaceful demonstration in support of the Palestinian people. But the inhabitants found as early as Wednesday that the bus stops of Garges (near Sarcelles) were covered with tracts that read: "Palestine: come equipped, mortar, extinguishers, bats, on Sunday July 20. Come out in force: raid the Jewish quarter of Sarcelles". On Friday the prefect decided to ban the rally. Saturday's rioting (in Paris) justified him.

Some older Jewish residents knew things would deteriorate and stayed indoors. The rabbi asked the young security agents to be there on Sunday: Betar, the JDL and the protection services of the Jewish community. By 1:00 p.m. the atmosphere was electric. Cars raced by with the windows down as the passengers shouted :"We'll turn you into blood and fire." What struck the inhabitants of Sarcelles was the strong presence of Turks. "It was the first time I've seen demonstrators with Turkish flags saying "Death to the Jews", said François Pupponi, Socialist mayor of the city and deputy in the National Assembly.

The article goes on to describe the large number of demonstrators who showed up - five hundred according to the rabbi. The Jewish protectors began to sing the Marseillaise to show their support for the riot police. The rabbi said:

"We are not only attacked because we are Jewish but also because we are French."

One member of CRIF (an umbrella organization for numerous Jewish associations) felt that "when you attack the police headquarters of Garges, it is not the Jews who are targeted it is everything that represents the Republic. We have gone beyond the stage of antisemitism. When a trolley station, a phone booth, an employment agency are targets, what does that have to do with Israel?"

Note: Considering how pro-immigration and pro-assimilation CRIF has been in the past, these words are welcome. But it may not represent the point of view of the CRIF leadership, that has always curried favor with the government, Socialist or otherwise. Years ago, CRIF went so far as to encourage "métissage" (racial mixing) in its fawning to government policy. When Israel is in danger, though, CRIF reverts to a pro-Israel nationalism and discredits itself completely. So far as I know, CRIF has never espoused a traditionalist pro-France position, and not surprisingly it regards the Front National as the only real danger.

The pharmacy in the large business district of les Flanades was completely burnt on Sunday. Renée Banon, a small Jewish woman who has run the pharmacy for forty-two years was traumatized as images of the ruined pharmacy passed on the television screen. "Why did they do that to me?" she asked.

The article concludes with sympathy for the multicultural city of Sarcelles where the various groups have lived for a long time and rarely leave.

Note: Sarcelles is in the northern suburbs of Paris, not far from two other cities that have known severe violence in recent years: Villiers-le-Bel and Stains. There are five synagogues for its large Jewish population, two mosques, a Coptic church, one Protestant and one Evangelical church, and two Catholic churches. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is closely associated with Sarcelles and for a time was its mayor (1995-1997). The population jumped from 8,397 in 1954 to 35,000 in 1962, when the Algerian war ended. In 2011 it was 58,398. (Wikpedia)

Below, a nine-minute video showing scenes of destruction. Most of the video is devoted to the prefect of Val-d'Oise Jean-Luc Névache who explains that the disturbance lasted about fifteen minutes, that the organizers attempted to obey the ban but two hundred young persons showed up (note the discrepancy with the rabbi's figure of five hundred), not to demonstrate but to destroy. They were very mobile, in small groups and violent. Most of the damage done was to public property and to Jewish businesses. (Note: This includes the Naouri kosher supermarket, that had been attacked two years ago.) He acknowledges that the synagogues of Sarcelles were attacked with Molotov cocktails, that three policemen were slightly injured, while a ninety-one year old person who lives above the pharmacy that was burnt suffered smoke inhalation but is not in danger. He stresses that there was no confrontation between Jews and pro-Palestinians, something that has to be avoided at all costs. He points out that there were other demonstrations in Val-d'Oise that did not pose any threat and were authorized, but that the one in Sarcelles, by reason of the large Jewish population, was banned.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Rally in Lyon for Iraqi Christians

The poster announces a peaceful demonstration in support of the Christians of Iraq. To be held on Saturday July 26 in Lyon.

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Barbaric reprisals

I found this photo on Twitter of a woman being stoned in Raqa, Syria, presumably on Friday (July 18). As far as I can tell it's authentic. The source is Tunisia Daily where we read:

For the second time in twenty-four hours the combatants of the Islamic State stoned to death a woman accused of adultery, according to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory (OSDH). "Since the inhabitants refused to participate in the stoning, the combatants of the IS (Islamic State) executed the woman," indicated the Observatory, adding that they had brought a truckload of stones for the execution. According to an activist from Raqa, the inhabitants were "terrified but did not dare to react to these barbaric methods."

Note: The OSHD claims this is not in accordance with sharia law. It turns out the accusations against the victims were unfounded. Had they really been guilty would it have been in compliance with sharia? I think so.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Those troublemaking Zionists

Dreuz (a pro-Christian, pro-Israel site) has posted a long page crammed with videos and photos of the uprising, rioting, looting, destruction, Intifada if you prefer, that took place in Paris on July 19 following orders from French authorities banning the planned pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Here is an abridged version of the text by Jean-Patrick Grumberg, plus a few photos that may be very similar to others I have already posted:

For the media these are scenes of rioting. Alas, they are scenes of Islamization. You have to look hard to find any ethnic Frenchmen in them.

And additionally, they are also anti-Jewish demonstrations. This policeman is not unaware of that.

A video follows of a policeman turning back a man on a motorcycle. "It's against Jews, says the cyclist," who was wondering what it was all about.

iTélé and BFM TV will certainly accuse the JDL and the Jews of having provoked these riots! I'm kidding, but the excesses of the media go beyond all limits.

One useful idiot, from Libération, goes so far as to justify his propaganda by saying that he was right there, and he insists that the riots - an entire neighborhood of Paris on fire and in blood - was the work of a handful, a hundred persons.

The great reporter (sic) - his pseudo is Willy le Devin (sic again) - does not realize that by minimizing the reality, he makes it worse: if all it took were a hundred thugs to put Paris on fire and in blood, what a mess France would be in!

Note: Willy le Devin means Willy the Diviner. And Libération, once owned by Rothschild, is definitely pro-Palestinian.

The work of re-writing reality by the media to make it coincide with their dogma "Immigration is a good opportunity for France" will require a great effort. We have managed without any trouble to destroy it simply by publishing the videos and photos below. Reality is a bitch.

French journalists are really asses.

Their blind antagonism towards Israel does not even win them the respect of those they befriend: in the demonstration, an iTélé team was jostled and insulted and had to take refuge behind the riot police.

"Willy le Devin" was there and pitifully attempted to separate the wheat from the chaff for Libération, and to suggest that the vandals had nothing to do with the Palestinian "cause".

The useful idiot failed to mention that no demonstration was organized when the rebels encircled the Syrian Palestinian camps and starved to death the Palestinian refugees, or when, in 2005, Hamas threw Palestinian Fatah leaders off the roofs of buildings and took control of Gaza.

Since I was there, some eyewitness accounts not tainted with political correctness are worth relating.

At 40 boulevard de la Chapelle, a witness said that the police sat down, injured by rocks. Elsewhere, the police were incapable of controlling the situation.

This is the future of France. Get used to it for there's no turning back.

This savagery, this everyday Muslim barbarity, is the result of the mendacious reporting of the media on the Gaza conflict: Maghrebins and sub-Saharan Africans heat up from the false reports of LCI, France 2, TF1, that enumerate the Palestinian victims without indicating that they were human shields.

Another witness: "On boulevard Barbès the windows of a moving police car have just exploded from stones that were thrown."

They pull up the paved street to attack the police - no doubt, they are authentic pacifists, supporters of Hamas terrorists.

Below, the scene of paving being ripped off.

A witness relates: "The demonstrators chant "Allah akbar!" (Strange, no media source mentioned it.)

Rue Dejean:

Note: It looks like a third world country. (This photo appears in another post as well.)

At place Clichy, a cop said to me: "It's war." How reassuring.

Note: Further on you'll see a photo of Gaza with palm trees. The caption reads "we can't tell where we are…" Indeed Gaza appears almost sedate next to Paris.

The requisite swastikas:

It's been confirmed. Renaud Camus is wrong to talk about the great replacement. These photos ought to inspire a more appropriate term: the great invasion.

Note: Writer and patriot Renaud Camus used the term "great replacement" to refer to the immigrants being brought in to replace the French population.

Further on two girls are seated in front of a big white bundle. Is it a mock body bag? Or their belongings? A sign on the bag reads:

"The Palestinians will not leave: they are in their home and within their rights."

Is she speaking of France?

No doubt they are peace activists.

The result of all this, a caricature of today's France: 40 people arrested (compared to 500 for the Manif Pour Tous), for "throwing objects, violence against police forces, excesses".  They will rapidly return to their wild lives thanks to the indulgence of Taubira's laws. And fourteen police were wounded.

Ah, those troublemaking Zionists.

But let's not see everything negatively. Imagine that in Paris this Saturday there was no religion of peace and love. Imagine that it was not a peaceful demonstration. Imagine it was like a war.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

While Paris burns, Mosul Christians flee

While Paris burned, the Syriac Catholic bishopric (bishop's palace) in Mosul was set on fire by "criminals of the Islamist State," reported Elish Yako in a Tweet dated July 19. Elish Yako, an Iraqi businessman, and an activist for Iraqi Christians, in particular Chaldeans, resides in Paris, and helped found a society for aid to Iraqi Christians. According to Le Salon Beige:

Today in one of the historic cradles of Christianity, there is not one Christian. The Chaldean auxiliary bishop of Bagdad, Saad Syroub declared:

- We are speechless because what has happened is truly shocking. The Christians have been in Mosul for centuries and these families have been abruptly snatched from their city, their homes, their lives. We are truly concerned about the Christians of this country.

The website Aleteia adds:

Fraternity in Iraq confirmed that the adjoining Al Taheera cathedral was also burnt. Out of revenge, EI returned to the bishop's palace on Friday and began by setting fire to the portraits of the Patriarchs. The Muslims of the neighborhood opposed the fanatical Islamics, but the men of EI told the Muslims who bravely intervened: "We are going to turn this church into a mosque."

Note: EI stands for Islamic State (État Islamique). Sometimes written EIIL in French. In English it's written ISIL. 

This article appears in the Washington Times:

Christians in Iraq are heeding an ultimatum by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to convert to Islam, get out or be killed.

Reports from the Middle East say that large numbers of Christians have fled the northern city of Mosul — now under control of the ISIL — after a message warning them to get out by Saturday was broadcast by loudspeakers on the city’s mosques.

“This is ethnic cleansing but nobody is speaking up,” Yonadam Kanna, Iraq’s most prominent Christian politician, said this week, Agence France-Presse reported Saturday. “It is the first time in our history that something like this has happened,” he added. “Muslims and Christians used to live together.”

An ISIL document reviewed by AFP said that there would be “nothing for them but the sword” if Christians didn’t adhere to the deadline.

The ISIL announcement also said that Christians could stay and pay a tax, often known as a “jizya,” though the exact amount was unspecified. A jizya is a historical policy of allowing non-Muslims to keep their own religion and their property if they pay a certain amount to Islamic rulers.In centuries past, there have been examples of Christians paying the tax and living peacefully with Muslims. Recently however, it has often been exploited as a form of extortion against non-Muslims.

Many Christian families fleeing Mosul didn’t seem to put much trust in the promise of peace. “Some families have had all their money and jewelry taken from them at an insurgent checkpoint as they fled the city,” Abu Rayan, a Mosul Christian who had just left the city with his family, told AFP.

The Sunni radical organization “seems intent on wiping out all traces of minority groups from areas it now controls in Iraq,” said a statement from Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. The group noted that the ISIL is “killing, kidnapping, and threatening religious and ethnic minorities in and around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.”

Such is the legacy of the United States to the Christians of Iraq.

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Destruction in Barbès

The video above and the photos below are posted at Le Monde. The accompanying article narrates the rioting and destruction in the Barbès sector of Paris, the same sector where Muslim street prayers, photographed a few years ago by Maxime Lepante of Riposte Laïque, informed the world of the extent to which Paris (and potentially all of France) had succumbed to Islam.

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Valls' political error

I have not yet had time to research this in depth, but Manuel Valls is reported as having said: "We do not allow violence or slogans against Jews." A major error, in my opinion, because even though the Jews of France are clearly the target of these riots, it is all of France, all Frenchmen who are threatened. He ignores his fellow countrymen in order to show favoritism towards one group (and I do not deny the very real danger the Jews are in). He talks as if there were a few Muslims in France who attack Jews, and he will not tolerate this. A joke. In reality, as everybody with a conscience admits, there are untold millions of Muslims in France who are on a jihad to conquer the entire country. Naturally the Jews are their first target, but after them come everybody else. All governments in Europe are making this error - they must protect their country, including the Jews, who must in turn support their government when it wakes up to the reality of Islam in Europe and when it becomes patently clear that either Europe deports the vast majority of Muslims, or Europe dies. The BHL's and Jacque Attali's and other disloyal Jews have had their day in the sun, it is time for them to move to Saudi Arabia. The Jewish Defense League is there to protect its own whenever possible, and their commitment to their own people should be emulated by the French government. A government must protect its people, this is rule #1 of any government. It must be able to distinguish its friends from its enemies. If it allows into its territory masses of hostile aliens, then the government is guilty of treason and the people are duty-bound to overthrow it.

Below, clueless Valls:

Below, a preview of the apocalypse.

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Civil War in Paris, July 19, 2014

Click these two Twitter links, here and here, for a glimpse of what happened today in Paris - a true civil war. The authorities had banned a pro-Palestinian demonstration, but no one obeyed the orders. Mayhem. Violence. Many police injured.

Video above shows some scenes of rioting.

Photos below speak for themselves but they are a tiny sample.

See also François Desouche, even if you don't read French.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nine months in jail for offending Taubira

A quick review: Anne-Sophie Leclere, a candidate for the Front National in the municipal elections, posted on her Facebook page a photo of minister of Justice Christiane Taubira next to a photo of a baby monkey, with captions indicating that the baby monkey was really Taubira at 18 months. Leclere insisted it was done for humor, that the picture had been posted by someone else, and that there was no racism involved, but the ensuing scandal led Marine Le Pen to remove her from the party on December 3.

See my posts here and here.

Anne-Sophie Leclere has now been sentenced to nine months in prison, fined 30,000 euros and barred for five years from holding office. The Front National and Leclere together were fined 50,000 euros in damages. The verdict came from the court of grand instance (a lower court) of Cayenne, capital of Guyana, home of Christiane Taubira.

The lawsuit was initiated by the Walwari, a Socialist party formed by Taubira in 1993 in Guyana. Below, the lawyers for the Walwari. At the far right, Joël Pied, the current general secretary.

The news of this verdict has aroused emotions on all sides, and already the vice-president of the Front National Florian Philippot has called the proceedings illegal.

From France-Guyane:

The Front National and Anne-Sophie Leclere did not attend the trial. The hearing on June 8 was an opportunity for the six lawyers of the Guyanese party to stigmatize the policies of the Front National which constitute, as Joël Pied insisted, "a threat and a danger for cosmopolitan society." An activist of the Walwari, Lydie Hofong-Choy had come to court to denounce the "unleashing of hatred" of the Front National resulting in "an acceptance of racism at a low cost."

After the verdict, Joël Pied spoke of an "historic and salutary decision. An important institution of the Republic recognizes that the Front National is condemnable by law, and that it is a racist party. We hope that this decision will be a milestone," he emphasized.

The representative for the Front National in Guyana, René Tran Van Nghia, deemed the court's verdict as "political and ridiculous."

In a communiqué, the FN spoke of the "revolting condemnations" and indicated its intention to appeal. "These must be the most important condemnations on matters relating to freedom of expression in a long time," denounced the FN. The party called the trial a booby trap on grounds that "it was not possible to find in Cayenne a lawyer able to defend us" and because the request to have the presiding judge recused, because he belonged to the magistrate's union, went unheeded.

Note: It was certainly a kangaroo court, with the verdict well established before the trial, if one can call that a trial. The defendants were not there, they did not have a lawyer, the farce took place in far-off Guyana, known for being a hotbed of crime and corruption, and the obvious goal was revenge on the Front National, and whites in general.

While it was imprudent of Anne-Sopie Leclere to post the photos (if indeed she did), to sentence her to nine months in jail for such an act is unheard-of. In France the vast majority of sentences are suspended as the prisons are reserved for big-time criminals and space is limited. Madame Taubira herself has said she wants to empty the prisons of those offenders whose crimes are minor. Are we to infer that she will have Anne-Sophie released at once, as she would a young thug from Guyana guilty of mugging or arson or burglary?

This frivolous lawsuit has ramifications that are anything but frivolous. The courts are the means by which minority groups become powerful enough to dominate the educational, political and cultural institutions of a country, and eventually to take over. Christiane Taubira, as minister of Justice, has used her own personal political party to undermine a legitimate political party she hates and that threatens her position. And she has duped the people into believing she was insulted racially, when it is more likely that she seized the opportunity to pretend to be offended, and to exact her revenge.

The cartoon below left was published in October 2013 by Charlie Hebdo. So far, the Walwari have not filed a suit against editor-in-chief Charb, below right, who explains, "Yes, but I'm a left-winger."

French readers may be interested in this article from Riposte Laïque.

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