Thursday, October 30, 2014

From resignation to remigration

A reader just sent me this video from 2008 (that many of you have probably already viewed). The ominous statistics are even worse today. However, the figure of nine million Muslims in the U.S. in 2008 may be off - there was some debate on the number of Muslims here, with many insisting that nine million was a great exaggeration. I do not have reliable recent data on this question. There are, however, 53 million Hispanic Americans in the U.S. today compared with two million in 1940.

The video states openly that the trend is irreversible. We are therefore far beyond the point of no return and apparently must resign ourselves to a bleak future, if any future. But since no one has ever tried to reverse the growth of Islam in the West, we can't be absolutely certain that nothing can be done. If the borders of European nations were closed, if massive "remigration" were implemented, if government programs encouraging and rewarding traditional marriage and children were established by responsible leaders, it is possible that things would change.

French patriots of the Bloc Identitaire are looking forward to a convention on November 15 that will bring together concerned citizens, writers, bloggers and journalists, for debates and discussions on what they are now calling "remigration": the reversal of the flow of foreigners into Europe, the return to their homelands of millions who were never legitimately a part of the French population. The Bloc explains:

(…) You think remigration is impossible? You think that there has never been a remigration in history? You still think that the jihadists and the 16% of "Frenchmen" who support them or the violent fans of the Algerian soccer team would make good citizens tomorrow? Allow us to persuade you that it is not so! You think, on the contrary, that multiracial societies always end up as multiracist societies, and lead to civil war? You think that the only solution is to encourage and to organize the great return? Then come and confirm your ideas and work with us to make what is necessary possible!

Whatever happens, it is a very good sign that the Bloc Identitaire, fearlessly and fervently affirms the categorical imperative of "re-migration", rather than some weak, politically correct measure such as "assimilation" which is neither feasible or desirable.

As of now, writers Renaud Camus and Jean-Yves Le Gallou, are scheduled to appear. Hopefully many more will be added to the list of speakers.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Home-grown terrorists

Bruno Gollnisch, former vice-president of the Front National and longtime member of the EU Parliament, delivered a brief address to that body on the terrorists of the Islamic State who, he says, are the products of European policies:

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen of the majority, these Islamist combatants are your creatures. They are the result of your complacency, your failings and your inconsistencies.

They are first of all the result of your complacency towards the policy of massive immigration, that brings to Europe thousands of uprooted individuals and grants them citizenship. Many are of Muslim origin and, for some, religious extremism is today a factor for cohesion, affirmation and revenge.

They are also the result of your terrifying failure in the spiritual realm despite the presence of a huge group of so-called Christian Democrats. An example of this failure is provided for us right here by a hideous painting, offensive to the suffering Christ and his mother. How can we reproach these uprooted persons for finding their religious ideal in the sacrifice that is proposed to them rather than in our values and our traditions, that you methodically destroy?

Finally, they are the result of your political and strategic inconsistency. Several European States, including my own, have provoked, as in Libya or in Iraq, and encouraged, as in Syria, the fight against legal regimes, that were, it is true, authoritarian but tolerant in matters of religion. How can we, for example, today, treat these young people as terrorists when they come to fight against a regime, in Syria, that we ourselves are about to attack?

Things being what they are, you must not concentrate your efforts on preventing them from leaving, but on preventing them from coming back. The foreigners who have gone to the Middle East to place themselves in the service of this barbarity must not be allowed to come back. Those with dual nationality must be stripped of their European nationality, and refused re-admission into our States. It will be much more efficient than the cosmetic measures you are perhaps about to take.

Note: Gollnisch urges the European Parliament not to prevent potential jihadists from leaving their country. But the French government, in September of this year, passed a measure in the National Assembly that does just that. The new law, part of a larger law on anti-terrorism, can be used against a French national "when serious reasons exist for believing that he is planning trips abroad for the purpose of engaging in terrorist activities, war crimes or crimes against humanity or in a theater of operations of terrorist groups and in conditions liable to lead him to violate public security upon his return to French territory."

This incompetent, but typically liberal, solution forces the potential killer to stay in France, where frustration will grow in him and lead, possibly, to criminal activity. When the sane solution would be to get rid of him, by letting him leave, and barring him from returning.

(This reminds me of the public school system where some of the worst students, in terms of ability and behavior, were apt to drop out, a perfectly logical thing for them to do. The liberal establishment could not abide such logic, and an energetic campaign was waged to force them back into the classroom to "get their education". Preventing drop-outs became a holy crusade. The liberal establishment knew well that the classroom was better off without such thugs, and it was precisely for this reason that they moved heaven and earth to shove them back in, sometimes literally. The teacher was never supposed to admit to wanting to be rid of them, as the French people must never admit that France would be livable once again without immigrant criminals.)

Le Monde reported in September:

(…) About 930 French residents are implicated in jihadist routes to Syria and Iraq - 350 are there, 180 have left Syria, 170 are in transit to the zone and 230 are undecided. This number has increased 74% in eight months, according to the Interior Ministry.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Front National councillor converts to Islam

A member of the Front National Youth Movement, Maxence Buttey, has publicly announced his conversion to Islam. His case still has to be judged by the FN's national committee, but for now he has been expelled from a regional committee, all the while remaining a member of the FN and a locally elected city councillor from the town of Noisy-le-Grand in Seine-Saint-Denis. The Telegraph has the story in English:

A Front National local councillor has embarrassed France's far-Right party by announcing his recent conversion to Islam – and urging fellow members to join him.

Maxence Buttey, 22, offended officials of the anti-immigration party by sending them a video in which he praised the "visionary" virtues of the Koran and urged them to become Muslims.

Mr Buttey, a councillor in the eastern Paris suburb of Noisy-le-Grand, said the Front National and Islam had much in common.

"Both are demonised and very far from the image portrayed in the media," he told Le Parisien newspaper. "Like Islam, the FN defends the weakest. The party denounces exorbitant interest rates charged on the debt of our country, and Islam is against the practice of usury."

Jordan Bardella, a local party secretary, said Mr Buttey had been suspended from a regional FN committee.

Note: Jordan Bardella has been departmental secretary for the FN from Seine-Saint-Denis since July 2014.

"Religion is a private choice which I respect but it must not enter into the sphere of our political activities. The proselytising video which Maxence sent out is unacceptable," Mr Bardella said.

However, Mr Buttey remains a party member and a councillor. The party has no power to sack him from the post.

"Some of my voters will be disappointed by my choice," Mr Buttey admitted. "But I'm ready to explain to them that Islam has a mission to unite all men and women."

He said he found it difficult to believe the "official" version of the September 11 attacks, adding that there was doubt about the "Merah affair" - referring to the al-Qaeda inspired French gunman, Mohammed Merah, who killed seven people in the south of France in 2012.

"I am against the niqab [full-face veil]," he said, adding that Islam did not call for believers "to cut off heads as the Islamic State group does."
Mr Buttey said he had decided to convert after lengthy discussions with the local imam, whom he met while campaigning for election earlier this year.

"I was Catholic but when I reread the Bible I noticed all its inconsistencies," he said. "When I read the Koran thoroughly, I understood that this religion is more open."

The leader of the Front National, Marine Le Pen, has objected to schools serving Halal meat for Muslim pupils, a controversial issue in France, which has banned the wearing of the full-face veil in public and headscarves in state schools. It has Europe's largest Muslim population, estimated at six million.

Note: Six million is about one half of the truth.

Below, the clip from Le Parisien (link not available) that The Telegraph used as its source.

Note: It should be added that Buttey did not pass his entrance exam to medical school, and lost interest in management courses he was taking. He then decided to go to law school in Paris.

Below, Maxence Buttey, at a street prayer during his campaign for a seat on the city council.

When Le Parisien published the information quoted above, and later picked up by The Telegraph, Buttey responded with this communiqué:

 - As a result of the article about me in Le Parisien, I wish to put an end to all controversy. My religious conversion is a non-event that is in no way incompatible with the values defended by the Front National. The national party leaders have confirmed to me that hostility towards a religion did not have a place within the movement.

As for the various interpretations and comments, they don't interest me. Not having proselytized, I will not comment on the sanction I received from the Departmental Secretary of the FN93, a decision that concerns only himself.

Note: He is referring to Jordan Bardella. The number 93 is that of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis.

I am concentrating on my term in office as city councillor and on the campaign for departmental elections next March. My political commitment has always focused on the general interest and not on conflicts and confrontations.

Below, a short video in which officials of the Front National explain their position. First we see Maxence Buttey, "visibly upset" according to the narrator, after he published a text on his Facebook page (see above communiqué). Buttey then denies categorically that he proselytized. At 25" we see Jordan Bardella, who suspended Buttey from his function explaining that Buttey had sent FN members a video that praised Islam. Those who received it felt it was an act of proselytizing that warranted action from the FN officials. At 45" we see Gaëtan Dussausaye, head of the FN's youth movement, explaining why he supports the action taken by Bardella:

"If we want a secular France, we ourselves have to respect the principle not to mix religion with politics."

The case goes to the national committee and a decision will be handed down at the end of November. At 1'10", vice-president in charge of strategy Florian Philippot explains that they need time to examine the case. When asked if it could mean exclusion from the party he responds:

"Yes, it could mean exclusion of course. If it turns out that the files of the FN were used to proselytize, that is not acceptable, whatever the religion."

At 1'30" Maxence Buttey refuses to discuss the possibility that some members of the FN would object to having a Muslim among them. He then walks off.

Note: Here we have another case of waffling from the Front National on the subject of Islam. While they still have to make a final decision, it is disheartening to hear them lump all religions together and distance themselves from a firm refusal of Islam in France. Of course to do so would trigger a major controversy and accusations of racism against the party. But any attempt to remain "religion neutral" in today's crisis is doomed to fail or at least to be an impediment to success. 

My personal opinion of this young man is that he is without direction, that his Catholic upbringing was insufficient or ineffective, that he may be a plant, and that he may have emotional problems. But this is all speculation.

Source: François Desouche

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Ransoms - to pay or not to pay?

The New York Times has a long article, entitled "The horror before the beheadings" on the fate of doctors, aid workers, journalists and others who have been captured by ISIS. Some have been beheaded, others released, while some are still in captivity. The core issue is whether or not countries should pay ransoms and thus subsidize terror (as France has been doing), or refuse to pay and run the risk of public beheadings, and the torture that precedes. The United States' position is to refuse to pay ransoms. 

(I read the article without logging in but sometimes the NYT requires registration.)

The fact that France pays ransoms has not gone over well with the murderous Muslims of ISIS. Another article from the New York Times quotes Abu Muhammed al-Adnani, spokesman for the group:

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be,” Mr. Adnani urged, adding, “Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military” because “both of them are disbelievers.”

He warned Americans and Europeans that they would suffer.

“You will pay the price when your economies collapse,” he declared. “You will pay the price when your sons are sent to wage war against us, and they return to you as disabled amputees, or inside coffins, or mentally ill. You will pay the price as you are afraid of traveling to any land. You will pay the price as you walk on your streets, turning right and left, fearing the Muslims. You will not feel secure even in your bedrooms.”

Analysts said they had never heard anything like it before from the group. “It was the first time that they really crossed the Rubicon into attacks that are out of the area,” whether in terms of inspiring or organizing them, said Brian Fishman, a researcher on counterterrorism at the New America Foundation. “It was pretty dramatic.”

Note: The New York Times is not the best source for realistic appraisals of Islam. The emphasis, in both articles, is on "lone-wolf" attacks, without any reference to the commandments of the Koran, or to the long history of Islamic attacks on the West, or to the need for Western leaders to name the enemy and to recognize, at long last, that Islam is at war with us, and that we have no time to waste. The "experts" have a long way to go.

If you do a Google search on "Paying ransom to terrorists" you will find numerous articles from the mass media on the pros and cons of "bankrolling terror'. We are a long way from January 1981 when fifty-two American hostages were released by Iran just hours after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. There is still much debate on how the release was brought about, but many feel that the captors hated Jimmy Carter for his weaknesses and feared Reagan for his strengths. In order to humiliate Carter, they handed the victory to Reagan. Others insist Reagan negotiated with the Iranians to delay the release of the hostages until after the 1980 election, an allegation that has never been proven. A long Wikipedia page reviews the Iran hostage story.

Below, four French hostages released by terrorists from their captivity in northern Syria in April 2014. On the left, François Hollande, who insisted no ransom was paid and that only negotiations brought about the release. However, Focus, a German weekly, claims that France paid 18 million dollars for their release, another allegation that has not been proven.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Africanization of France - latest figures

Those of you who read this blog regularly will recall that I have published on at least two occasions articles on the growth of the African population in France. Visit the new Canadian website, EuroCanadian, for the latest statistics from Falko Baumgartner, author of the original English-language text that I translated into French and that was published at Les 4 Vérités in July 2013. The situation is getting worse, and the media have gotten into the act by attempting to debunk the facts and figures cited in Falko's article that were based on incontestable medical reports. Scroll down to "Addendum: French mass media missing the subject" for Falko Baumgartner's response to the media's accusations of false figures.

Above, the latest map showing comparisons between 2005, 2010, 2012 and 2013. In the Île-de-France region which includes Paris, we find that 67.90% of all babies born are susceptible to Sickle Cell Anemia, meaning they are either African or North African.

Note: The EuroCanadian website linked above, dedicated to preserving Canada's European heritage, is a most welcome addition to the patriotic blogosphere. Add it to your favorites, and look at the feature article on the home page about Burnaby - Canada is not recognizable!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

A successful rally, etc...

Apologies for my absence. Many issues - medical and veterinary - as well as household problems, have sapped me of my mental energy these past three days. Nothing is wrong - just routine events that all happen at the same time.

First, regarding the rally for the Pakistani Catholic woman, Asia Bibi, according to Bernard Antony, it was a success. From one article he posted at AGRIF, here are excerpts of a message he relayed to the ambassador of Pakistan in France:

(…) This humble mother, isolated, defenseless, has been obviously the object of vengeance by her neighbors and of odious testimonies leading to her terrible imprisonment; then, twice, to a death sentence by hanging.

(…) Your excellency, in these early days of the 21st century, your great country does not deserve to be associated with an act that, beyond all legitimate patriotism, our common attachment to truth and respect for human dignity reproves. Please express to your government the wish we all have that the Supreme Court of your country not submit to pressures that would cause it to render a verdict contrary to justice and to God's mercy. But, before that even takes place, may the highest authority of your State allow the innocent Asia Bibi to benefit from the grace that humanity is demanding for her.

In another article, posted at his blog, he thanks the two thousand who showed up for the rally. This appears to be a "success", considering that less publicized events such as this one sometimes attract only a few hundred, if that:

(…) The executive committee of Chrétienté-Solidarité-Persécutions reports with satisfaction the good attitude of the police, who at first doubted that a great number of persons could be brought together for such a cause, on a weekday, during the period of the All Saints' Day vacation, when Paris empties out.

(…) Chrétienté-Solidarité, on this occasion, tightened its bonds with the Pakistani Catholic community of Paris, whose president, Mushktaq Bhatti, was warmly applauded while attendees listened religiously to prayers in Urdu to the Virgin Mary. Our Christian brothers, refugees from Iraq, and other countries subjugated to legal persecutions in the name of Koranic sharia or to the abominations of terrorist jihad, also came to our gathering in great numbers. The executive committee of Chrétienté-Solidarité also noted the real and continued tightening of bonds between Muslims converted to Christianity and persecuted Christians.

The committee thanked its two members who worked to these ends: Christoph Bilek, founder of Notre-Dame de Kabylie and the Iraqi Elish Yako.

The committee is also grateful for the significant presence of journalists from different media and hosts of websites and blogs.

Note: He goes on to thank specific bloggers and radio stations.

Meanwhile, much has happened in three days:

In Canada, they can't decide how convert-to-Islam killer Zehaf-Bibeau got the gun he used to shoot up the Parliament in Ottawa

In France, Turkish-born Franco-Israeli historian, a specialist in minority groups, and senator from the Ecology-Green Party, Esther Benbassa, has labeled Eric Zemmour as "The Buffoon of King Populism". She accuses him of being pro-Pétain and of condoning the deportation of Jews during the Occupation; she calls him a "manipulator of ideas" unworthy of the name "ideologue" which she finds "too noble" to apply to him; and she calls him, among many other insults, the "Frankenstein of bad faith and of reductive babbling":

"It's the rule of the populist game: people want something 'true', 'concrete' and if possible a little bit of distraction. Dieudonné provides this, a professional 'humorist'. Zemmour does the same thing, in a slightly different register, supported by the current trend favoring the Front National that has, for a long time, designated which enemies are to be felled by the revenge of the populace, which ones would lead France to decadence, 'foreigners' first of all. You would need a short memory not to recall the 1930's. Then the enemy was the Jew."

Benbassa is doing what others have done to Zemmour - accusing him of being an antisemite because he is not on the side of Islamic immigration, as all good Jews are expected to be.

Top, Bernard Antony addressing the rally. Below, Madame Benbassa pictured at a "kiss-in", where she kissed members of Act-Up, a militant pro-homosexual group. (Poor Eric Zemmour, he does not have the charming Benbassa as an ally.)

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Christmas tree or sex toy?

Another egregious work of Contemporary Art arrived in Paris and was set up in the prestigious place Vendôme only to be torn down by opponents of such eyesores that not only mutilate the landscape, but serve to remind the population that French culture is ancient history, and that globalist czars of perverse sexuality now reign supreme as the artists of our time.

The con artist in question was another American lunatic named Paul McCarthy, whom we can add to the list (including Jeff Koons) of self-infatuated destroyers of standards catered to by Western-hating, sex-obsessed, ugliness-possessed politicians, city officials and art critics. A green structure, proclaiming itself to be a "tree", it was soon recognized as an anal plug, a sex toy used by male homosexuals.

From France Info:

The work of the American artist Paul McCarthy did not remain for long on the place Vendôme. After unknown persons cut off the cables that supported it on Friday night, and after those opposed to it shouted their indignation on the social networks, and after having been himself the target of a physical attack on Thursday, the artist finally gave up.

(…) "Confronted with the violence of some reactions, the artist is concerned about potential trouble should the work be set up again." Paul McCarthy indicated that he did not want to be "mixed up in this sort of confrontation or physical violence, or even to continue to place the work itself at risk."

(…) Baptized "Tree" by its creator, the 24-meter cone could be regarded, as the artist himself has admitted, as both an immense Christmas Tree or as an "anal plug". This triggered a lively controversy that led to its being dismantled. "Instead of generating a profound reflection about the existence of objects as a means of expression unto themselves, especially in the variety of their meanings, we witnessed violent reactions," said Paul McCarthy regretfully.

Also from France Info:

The Socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, had expressed her indignation at the damage done to the work. "Art has its full place in the streets of Paris and nobody will succeed in removing it."

She also stated on Twitter: "Paris will not yield to the threats of those who, by attacking an artist or a work, attack artistic freedom."

Earlier, Bruno Julliard, first adjunct to the mayor of Paris, in charge of Culture, condemned strongly "the inadmissible attack on Paul McCarthy and the damage to his work on place Vendôme. Long live the freedom of artists. This act shows that the artist is right and that his work questions society on the intolerance that still exists today."

Here's a perceptive reaction from a reader:

- What hypocrisy!!! Of course the artist put his anal plug on the buttocks of the capital. The elected officials said yes to create a buzz and get talked about. They are even more hypocritical than the artist!!! That said, if I had proposed this gross piece of crap, the elected officials would have kicked me out. Artists are always provocateurs. The question one must ask is: Is exposing an anal plug in the middle of Paris and calling it a tree correct in the civilization and the culture that we support. The elected officials have said yes… You had only not to elect them… See you at the polls in a few years.

Note: Another reference to future elections that will presumably solve all problems. The people live in the constant hope that the next election will bring the dreamt-of turnaround. That was the case in 2002, 2007 and 2012.

Above, the inflated "tree".

Below, deflation.

There's a slideshow on McCarthy at the New York Times. You may have to register.

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Rally for Asia Bibi

A Pakistani Catholic woman, Asia Bibi, has been held in a Pakistani prison for years. Her original crime was drinking water from a well that belonged to Muslims. The following excerpt from The Daily Mail explains:

While working as a berry picker in 2009, 46-year-old Asia Bibi got into a dispute with a group of Muslim women who objected to her drinking their water because as a Christian she was considered 'unclean'.

Hours after the incident one of the women reported mother-of-five Ms Bibi to a local cleric, claiming she had made disparaging remarks about the prophet Mohammed during the row.

As a result of the allegations, a furious mob arrived at Ms Bibi's home and savagely beat her and members of her family.

She was later arrested, charged with blasphemy and eventually sentenced to death - with her entire family forced to go into hiding after receiving threats on their lives.

This week, despite international outrage and hundreds of thousands of people signing a petition for her release, Ms Bibi lost an appeal to have her sentence overturned, meaning she now faces death by hanging.

The shocking case hit global headlines after two prominent politicians who tried to help Ms Bibi were assassinated, one by his own bodyguard.

Read more

Now, Asia Bibi has been sentenced to hang for the crime of blasphemy.

At his website, Catholic writer Bernard Antony calls on all those concerned to rally in support of Asia Bibi in front of the Pakistani Embassy in Paris on October 23 at 7:00 p.m.:

The heroic Catholic mother Asia Bibi, ignominiously imprisoned for years in a Pakistani jail, has just been sentenced to hanging on the incredible pretext of disrespectful speech with regard to the prophet of Islam.

This proves, as if proof were needed, that between the Islam of the Islamic State in the Levant and that of the internationally recognized Islamic States, there are only a few differences of degree, not of nature.

With this latest Islamic atrocity, Chétienté-Solidarité calls on the Christians of our country and on all of our compatriots devoted to freedom and respect for human dignity to come in massive numbers to demonstrate.

A tentative list of those scheduled to attend the rally is posted at Chrétienté-Solidarité.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Awaiting the awakening

As I mentioned in my previous post, journalist and patriot Eric Zemmour is all over the place with interviews and a new book ominously entitled Le Suicide français. The title alone tells us that he has refashioned, in his own way, the thoughts of many writers before him who have also compared the current crisis to a national suicide, among them Renaud Camus, Alain Finkielkraut, Laurent Obertone, and Jean Raspail.

These excerpts from a longer interview (not online) are posted at Le Salon Beige

 - If I follow my reason, the state in which France finds herself is irreversible. If I follow my hope and if I consider the history of France, with low points and summits, then I say that we will hit rock bottom so hard that a rebound will ensue. Reasonably, I don't believe in a recovery, but reason is not always right.

 - Do you see a precedent to the suicide that you are describing?

 - The fall of the Roman Empire. There is, at the heart of the French suicide, a very characteristic self-hatred. The Romans did not perhaps feel that - it's hard to know for sure - but they seem full of self-weariness. The great Roman bourgeoisie, in particular, let itself be massacred by the barbarians. It was weary of itself, like the prefect of Lutèce in Asterix et la Serpe d'or: "I'm weary, weary, weary…" The Romans at the end were passive. So are we. That's what I call suicide. (…)

Note: The literary reference is to Asterix and the Golden Sickle, by René Goscinny.

 - According to Jules Monnerot, when the rulers become impermeable and disconnected from the people, that eventually triggers a revolution. Are we in such a situation?

Note: Monnerot was a sociologist and journalist who moved from the extreme left to the extreme right, but had a falling out with Jean-Marie Le Pen.

 - For there to be a revolution, an awakening is necessary. We are not there yet. The goal of my book is to deconstruct the deconstructors, in order to accelerate the awakening. Rather than a revolution, I foresee Jacqueries (peasant revolts), Jours de Colère (days of anger). With the Bonnets Rouges (red caps) we see a new alliance: small business with workers. This enraged Mélenchon, because he understood what is happening: this new alliance is the result of globalization.

Note: The Jacqueries were peasant revolts during the Hundred Years War. They were violently put down, as peasants were thrown into rivers (see illustration below). The Jour de Colere was an all-purpose anti-government demonstration held earlier this year that did not accomplish very much because it was open to everybody and unsavory elements joined in. Recently, the Bonnets Rouges, angry over taxes, rebelled in Bretagne. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a political has-been and rabble-rousing Communist, lost his bid in the presidential election.

We don't know what a long series of small revolts scattered over the country, sporadic and parochial in their goals, could accomplish for France, except to act as thorns in the side of the ruling elite. And who's to say they would not throw them all in the river as they did before? But Zemmour is banking on these smaller revolts to eventually force a new level of consciousness in the people.

He goes on:

I also see coming a confrontation between three groups of youth. First, the youth of the elite schools of higher education composed of good soldiers of globalization, raised in chic multiculturalism and gender studies to the point where they don't realize how phony all of that is. Second, the working class youth, abandoned, "marginal". Finally, the immigrant youth. These three groups are alien to each other, and will end up in a confrontation. (…)

Writing at Le Figaro, historian Jean-Louis Thiériot finds much to admire and much to deplore in Zemmour's book. He praises him for his description of the hardships endured by the French people who live marginalized by massive immigration, globalization and the construction of Europe. He does not deny that the change in the immigration laws in 1974, that admitted whole families onto French territory, was wrong. But like Jacques Attali, he urges Zemmour to face the reality of globalization and multiculturalism, because they are here to stay:

(Zemmour's book) leaves a bitter taste. He observes but proposes nothing. His work should have been called the French Requiem. After reading it, you have only to retire to your ivory tower and dream of the days of oil lamps and sailboats, secretly satisfied to be able to say "I told you so." (…) Because you cannot forever content yourself with sepia photographs, because you cannot reinvent the world of yesterday, because recovery forces us to accept the adage "pessimism is a mood and optimism is will", we would have preferred Zemmour to explore practical ways to emerge from the French misfortune. (…) Family reunification in 1974 was no doubt madness. (…) A strict control over newly arrived immigrants is necessary. But we must admit the facts. The beneficiaries of family reunification or their children are French with the universality of rights and duties that implies. They are French like everybody else. (…) We must invent a new patriotism. (…) Why should a Frenchman of Moroccan or Algerian origin not share his legitimate feelings for his North African heritage with an absolute love for the country that is now his? (…) Why not redesign assimilation in the colors of modernity?

Note: The same argument as Jacques Attali. The times they are a-changing, and you have to get on the bandwagon or you'll be left behind. This is the mentality of acceptance, supercilious, subversive, lacking in character and originality, and threatening because so many fall into lockstep with it, unable to summon up the mental energy and moral strength to fight back, reluctant to be out of tune with the times or labeled as obsolete.

Happily, many readers of Le Figaro disdain the arguments of Thiériot, who must be in good standing with the government.

Below, in Meaux, France in 1358, the rebellious peasants were thrown into the river, bringing an end to the Jacqueries.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Attali and Zemmour

Journalist Eric Zemmour has been in the news lately thanks to a new book, that I hope to write about, and several television interviews in which he faces off with an adversary who is best described as representing the "official" line of thought.

Below is a simplified version of the eight-minute video (above) that has generated so much talk at the websites that I visit. Jacques Attali and Eric Zemmour, both Jewish, both popular in different ways, the first a "philosopher" of economics and a dedicated socialist, multiculturalist and globalist, the second a down-to-earth realistic patriotic journalist and writer who fights to save France from the forces advocated by Attali. Attali has had, for decades, the support of French presidents including Mitterand and Sarkozy, while Zemmour has had to fight the anti-racist wolf pack.

Jacques Attali has coined a term - "résignés-réclamants" (those who are resigned to their fate and who make demands).

- Frédéric Taddei: "Who are the 'resignés-réclamants' whom you designate as 'populist, paternalistic, pro-security, and xenophobic'"?

- Attali: They are part of a new battle between two lines of thinking, completely different from the usual debate that goes back to the 19th and 20th centuries between liberalism and social democracy. It refers to those who, in a world where the States are weaker and weaker and have fewer means to act, continue to be resigned, that is, they have given up on their own lives and continue to demand crumbs of wealth that don't belong to them. It's a battle between two strong ideologies, two movements. One the ideology of fear, fear of others, fear of foreigners, fear of women, fear of Jews, fear of Muslims, and finally fear of oneself. This becomes an ideology of "since I'm afraid, I turn inward, I support purity, hence purification." Those who are for national purity, those who are for ethnic purification, for ideological purification that we find in all extremisms are the same. This is the ideology of fear. And opposed to this, the other ideology that I try to portray as bearing the future, as optimistic, this is the ideology of respect. Respect for women, for Jews, for Muslims, for others, openness and acceptance of the new, of change, which means that we are inevitably led to goodness, compassion, courage, optimism, the will to act, respect for oneself, because if you respect yourself, you want to succeed in life and if you want to succeed in life you soon realize it can't be done without altruism as modern technologies show. Success presupposes sharing, empathy, listening to others, openness to the world. Here's a concrete example…

Note: He tells of a young Tunisian who came to France, was given a helping hand, and became a teacher and is helping to improve his neighborhood.

This I believe is the great change. You mustn't be afraid of yourself, you must be ambitious for yourself, and a natural altruism and a new solidarity will arise from the fact of becoming yourself, which is not the same thing as remaining oneself, because becoming oneself means creating a self that isn't just a nostalgia for the past, a return to borders, the closing of a club where you are happy to be admitted but where you don't want anyone else admitted once you're there. That is what leads to the death of a nation. A nation is only strong if it wants to become itself and it can only become itself by accepting change and welcoming others, by considering "métissage" as positive. That is the great ideological battle of today.

- Frédéric Taddei: Eric Zemmour?

- Zemmour: I listened to the sermon from Father Attali and I'm still a bit dazzled. There are the baddies and the goodies. There are the bad ones who want purity, purification, almost the horror of Nazism and then there are the nice ones who are benevolent and altruistic… Ah, how beautiful it is! It's beautiful, except that it doesn't exist, Monsieur Attali! Especially because it makes a mockery of what one is, not of what one becomes, but of what one is! (…) You speak of a man "outside himself". You speak of a man who spends his life in airports. But that doesn't exist, except for you!

There are people who have been here for a thousand years and who want to be here for another thousand years and who don't want to be mixed, Monsieur Attali. Forgive them! They don't want it! They don't want to be submerged, they don't want to be replaced. It's idiotic! I know! It's low and not very altruistic, but it's their life, you understand!

They don't want Monsieur Attali, Father Attali, saying to them: "You are nothing! You are mediocre! You are racists! You are xenophobic! You are not benevolent!" No, they are not benevolent because the others, likewise, are not benevolent!

Note: A short argument ensues and Attali accuses Zemmour:

- Attali: You're one of those that feels that once admitted to a club it is right to close the door so that others cannot join, and that is intolerable.

- Zemmour: Monsieur Attali, France is not a club. It's a nation, an ancient nation. To be part of a nation, you have to inherit, you have to transmit the heritage…

- Attali: No, no, you don't have to inherit, you have to transmit…

- Zemmour: The heritage you have received… Not new things.

- Attali: No, new things. Do you know the name that France bears? It bears the name of a people that weren't French. The original people were the Gaulois, the Franks were the invaders. This is true of all European peoples. (Note: He names the English, Russians, Germans, Italians.)

- Zemmour: So what?

- Attali: It means that all peoples are made up of a mixture, and the richness of a country comes from the mixture. It's not about transmitting a heritage that is too small and that becomes derisory.

- Zemmour: You think the heritage of France is small, Monsieur Attali?

- Attali: I think the heritage of which you speak is minuscule…

- Zemmour: The France of fifteen hundred years is not minuscule, Monsieur Attali

- Attali: We are not talking about the same thing. That is not the question. Today, the question is: Are we going to enclose ourselves in a closed debate on "Who are we? Have we inherited something?" Or are we going to realize that we have an opportunity to be ourselves, to have a successful life, to do something different from the others, to say "I brought something into the world that was unique to me". As I travel throughout the world I see poor people who decide to take things into their own hands, who don't look for a job but who create a job. I see this every day in every country I visit.

- Zemmour: Monsieur Attali, a nation has the right to remain… (Attali interrupts and says something about "people") I'm not talking about people, I'm not talking about people who fall from the sky… You think that one individual is worth another,

- Attali: Each individual is different from the other and needs to fulfill himself. To respect others is not to confuse them with a formless mass, even if you confuse the mass with the nation.

Note: They really are not talking about the same thing. Attali's insistence on the need for each individual to flourish without connecting to his heritage does not address any of the problems confronting the French today. What he says is a vague generalization that could apply to anyone at anytime. Zemmour, without going into the details of crime, terrorism, Islam or morals and bioethics, stresses that a nation, as a nation, has the right to be itself.

Attali's ideas are basic Self-Help 101. But he fails to recognize that in order to help oneself one needs access to the resources of the nation, a need to serve the nation, and confidence that he is protected by the nation. Attali has, in the past, said that Europeans will become "nomads" without borders. Like himself. Except that he has exploited the French nation, and without the resources of the French nation and sponsorship of successive governments, he would not have "fulfilled" himself as easily as he did.

I always remind readers that Attali has been called the "man who is never right". And once again, his reputation has preceded him.

Most reactions I have read express gratitude to Eric Zemmour for his loyalty.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Africans at the synod

I've spent much time trying to decide what to write about. Pages and pages of commentary still pour from Le Salon Beige on last week's Manif Pour Tous, focusing on the undeniable success of the event and the non-negotiable need to repeal the law on homosexual marriage passed last year that has been, ever since, the object of incredible controversy and rejection.

I came upon this interesting article about Africa, with an equally interesting comment from a regular reader of Le Salon Beige. We have all heard of the efforts of people like Bill Gates, and especially his wife Melinda, to impose Western sexual values, such as abortion, on Africa. The question came up during the synod on the family, currently in session in Rome:

Africans are rising up, more and more strongly, against the invasive attempts to import to the black continent homosexual practices, that they qualify as Western. A Catholic African couple spoke on Friday during the synod on the family asking the Church to engage in "a determined counter-offensive" against the introduction of gay marriage and its consequences into Africa.

"The Church," they declared, "must clearly give its position on questions linked to 'gender', as it confronts the great offensive of international organizations that force the adoption of concepts running counter to the Africans' vision of the world, concepts disguised as programs for health and reproductive rights."

Agence France Press reported:

"The African bishops are the most virulent. They regularly reproach the West with a form of cultural and economic colonialism - via bilateral and multilateral programs (NGO's) - that requires an acceptance of Western-style reproductive health practices (contraception, abortion), as well as homosexuality, as conditions for the granting of aid."

Le Salon Beige readers agree with the African bishops and express sorrow that this is what the West has come to. However, Robert Marchenoir has a more balanced and realistic appraisal:

- Let's make distinctions. To oppose international pressure that aims to institute homosexual marriage or the promotion of homosexualist ideology is one thing.

To claim that homosexual practices are Western, and that attempts are being made to import them to Africa, is something else: that is hypocrisy and superstition.

Of course there are homosexuals in Africa, as there are everywhere. You might wonder how AIDS could have started and developed there, if it weren't the case!

This fable about homosexuality "imposed" by Westerners onto Africans is another of the conspiratorial calomnies in vogue among blacks, who claim it was the whites who introduced AIDS into Africa - and now they say the same with regard to Ebola.

The Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had proclaimed the same idiocy: "There are no homosexuals in our country."

A peculiarity of civilized societies is to practice self-criticism and to recognize their own faults and weaknesses. A peculiarity of backward societies is to look for scapegoats.

In this respect, France is slipping from the first to the second group.

Note: We would have to add that the tendency to agree to become a scapegoat is a peculiarity of advanced civilizations in moral decline.

Here is one comment from an African girl:

- I am French of Congolese origin I thank God that the African leaders made a declaration (some time ago) that opposed the demands of the gay lobby that homosexuality and its consequences be accepted in Africa. African countries were threatened with a cessation of subsidies. It isn't fair. I think that Africa will resist on this question. At any rate, I hope so…

Note: It might be best to leave Africans to their own resources, and not to meddle in their affairs, except for humanitarian aid during natural disasters and assistance in building infrastructure. The more money we give, the more they resent us. Progressives hypocritically claim to care about Africans yet have nothing to offer them except sexual practices that harm the female body and do permanent psychological damage. Only the Church seems to have found a way of reaching them and initiating a desire for self-improvement. However, it's not wrong to wonder if even the Church has a thorough knowledge of these people who are still such a long way from self-understanding and self-reliance.

If you don't know about the synod in Rome, this introduction is from Future Church:

On October 8, 2013, Pope Francis called on the bishops of the world to re-examine the Church's role in reaching out to families. The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization was to be taken up in two parts. Showing his concern for the current lack of pastoral responsiveness to modern families, Pope Francis called for an Extraordinary Synod on the Family (October 5 -19, 2014) as the first part of a process for examining the challenges facing the Church and Catholic families today. The first synod will lead to a second, "ordinary" synod that will be held October 4 - 25, 2015. At this final synod it will be expected that the bishops will formulate appropriate pastoral guidelines.

Above, a map showing Christian and Muslim Africa.

Below, a photo of Christian missionaries in Uganda, possibly late 19th century. Christian intervention is nothing new, but leftist globalists today, like the carpetbaggers after the Civil War, are spreading a religion of their own.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Transmitting the past

While I know my readers are more interested in events than in philosophical discourse (and I agree), these excerpts posted at Le Salon Beige, drawn from a longer interview at La Nef, resonated in me both as a reflection of my own feelings based on my experience, and as a concise summary of one aspect of our dilemma - the failure to transmit our culture to the young. The interviewee, François-Xavier Bellamy, philosopher, teacher and adjunct mayor of Versailles, points out that this is not an accident, but an act of voluntary renunciation of the past:

The crisis we are experiencing, in all its forms, seems to me to have one and the same root: in our Western societies, some generations have refused to transmit to their successors what they themselves had received. This is a completely new phenomenon in the history of men: an immense majority of adults have come to believe that to teach knowledge, culture, morals, the religion they inherited, to their children, would limit their freedom and deprive them of their spontaneity. This rupture of transmission, that took place in the schools as well as in families, in public institutions as well as in the Church, is the sole cause of numerous facets of the crisis we are living through: failure of education, erosion of social bonds, individualistic isolation, weakening of the family… Even in the areas of the economy and the environment, we are living though a rupture of transmission. (…)

To say it in simple terms, I believe that we are right to describe the present situation as a crisis; and yet, contrary to what one might think, this crisis is not a failure or an accident. It is the result of criticism that modernity has turned into an obsession. Modernity, as you know, began with the work of Descartes, who through the effort of doubting attempted to liberate himself from everything that he had been taught: for the first time, the fact of having received an education appeared as a curse, from which only a critical mind can deliver us. Rousseau extended this perspective by forbidding the adult to influence the child: you have to let him be, so to speak, in his natural state, and protect him from the useless burden of culture. Finally, Bourdieu, accomplished this denunciation of transmission, by presenting it as an opportunity for discrimination, for social segregation. (…)

Note: Bourdieu (1930-2002) was a major figure in the intellectual life of France in the mid-twentieth century. A philosopher, sociologist and anthropologist, his complex views are summarized at Wikipedia. Most of it is above my head.

What drives this will to deconstruct is man's pride that would have nothing precede him, that refuses the need to receive anything. And this pride - we can see it in our own lives, that are never completely exempt from it - this pride leads us irremediably to deny the real while it forces us to recognize that we are not sufficient unto ourselves. This denial will last until the moment when the real is brutally brought home to us: it's the moment that we call a crisis. (…)

Note: There is much more to this article, but the above thoughts are enough to remind us that the Western world, by effectuating a rupture with its past, opened its borders to invaders from other cultures who oppress us and who will possibly annihilate us. If we had retained our connection to the past, this could not have happened.

The rupture began in 1968, though of course there were precedents, as he points out (Rousseau, etc…) By 1968, progressive education had been making inroads for a long while and soon would sweep over our educational systems, from kindergarten to post-graduate, as fiercely as Mohammed II swept across Anatolia and Constantinople in 1453. Though a few resisted, most did not. Suddenly, the past was an embarrassment, and only the future mattered. Those attached to the past became relics, while those who threw off the chains of civilized behavior rapidly became our new masters. 

Below, Rousseau, and a quote that is not without some merit.

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Beheadings in France

There have been at least sixteen beheadings, or attempted beheadings, in France over the past three months. And it wasn't just sheep. According to François Desouche, the following barbarities took place or came to trial between June 12 and October 8, 2014. Note that I am using the term "beheading" to refer to the slitting of throats, though it isn't quite the same thing:

1. In Valenciennes, a woman was found dead, her throat slit.

2. In Besançon, a fight in the street led to the death of a thirty-five-year old man, whose throat was slit.

3. In Brétigny, a forty-year-old woman and her seven-year-old son were found, with their throats slit,in their apartment. The police believe a family member did the deed, as the woman, an alcoholic, was the mother of three children from three different fathers.

4. In Balazé, near Rennes, an Armenian man, 37, attempted to slit the throat of his wife who was taking a shower. Using a cutter, he made three wounds in her throat, then rushed her to the hospital. He attempted later to slit his own throat, but his wife does not believe he was really attempting suicide. He is known to drink vodka excessively, to use heroine, and to gamble.

Note: The ethnicity is given, presumably because he is not a Muslim (although we can't be sure of that). Obviously Hitchcock-inspired.

5. In Clermont-Ferrand, a woman was in her apartment with her companion, the father of her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. She went to take a shower and when she came back she found her daughter, on the bed, her throat slit. The man was arrested a few hours later and sent to the hospital, since his condition did not permit an incarceration. He had no previous record.

6. In Magnanville, in February 2012, a woman named Natacha Das Neves Freitas, and her twelve-year-old son and accomplice, attacked and attempted to slit the throat of an eighty-year old woman, Christiane Gauthier, the owner of their apartment building. Christiane fought her off and the doctors were able to save her life. Natacha Das Neves Freitas, a drug addict, failed in her attempt to accuse her son of the crime.

7. A nineteen-year-old Tunisian student who had just arrived in France to pursue his studies was found dismembered and beheaded, the various body parts stuffed into three trash bags, on the boulevard de Villepinte northeast of Paris.

Note: He certainly should have stayed in Tunisia. He appears to have been an innocent person, serious about his studies. Sometimes it is much more dangerous for immigrants in Western countries than in their homeland.

8. Two men, "Alexandre" and "Lionel" were found dead in Argenteuil, on a street not far from the police station. Alexandre was found in front of his apartment building with a mortal wound in his neck, while Lionel was found in the kitchen of the apartment, decapitated. The police were alerted by the men's roommate, an English-speaking person from the Antilles, who was placed under investigation. Several knives were found in the kitchen.

Note: I assume the names given are pseudos.

9. A woman, 45, was found with her throat slit on a street in Vieil Istres. Despite a rapid intervention from the medics, they could not save her.

10. In Roubaix, near Lille, Ahmed Boudaoud, 27, asked two drunkards to make less noise so his children could sleep. Instead of quieting down, the two became noisier, and one of them attacked him with a knife, slitting his throat. He died en route to the hospital.

11. A Hungarian woman, Tina, 36, seven months pregnant, and her two little boys, Raphael and Antoine, ages eighteen months and five years respectively, were all found dead, their throats slit in their home in Perreux-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne). The husband is suspected of the crime.

12. A woman, 53, was killed by her twenty-one-year-old son who, in a fit of madness, slit her throat. She became terrified by her son's violent behavior and tried to escape from the apartment building but he caught her and knifed her. The psychiatrists say he killed her because he thought she was the Devil.

Note: There's more, much more, but this will have to do for now.

Below, children in Muslim countries are taught the virtues of beheading. Even if the above crimes were not the result of some religious instruction, they represent the effect on the general population of Islamic beheadings. Some would say they are "copycat" crimes, but they are more than that. People internalize the horrors they see around them, and proceed to commit the same horrors, because they have become a feature of everyday life. And because some atavistic impulse is reactivated by the sight of beheadings on television and the Internet.

Add to that the fact that the media mitigate or even cover up the crimes with pseudos, psychiatric justifications, and accusations against the police.

Finally, the guillotine in France inspired revulsion among the French themselves, including many revolutionaries. Eventually, the descendants of the Revolution abolished the guillotine, but could not abolish crime. Now, the left is hard pressed to admit that capital punishment may have to be reinstated (though not the guillotine), and equally hard pressed to admit any connection between beheadings and Islam. Yet they have no problem in finding a connection between capital punishment and right-wing extremism. I think all of this is because there is no freedom of speech and no open forum for public discussion on crime, its causes, its prevention and punishment. In this ambiance, the left prevails, crime increases and demoralization drains the people of their vitality and their survival instincts. 

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