Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A village that died for France

Fleury-devant-Douaumont was one of several villages doomed to total destruction during the First World War. A few houses were reconstructed, but only a handful of residents were reported in 1990 and none in 2006. There may be danger from explosives buried beneath the earth.

The photo shows the charming chapel built in 1979 to commemorate the heroic village that gave its life for France. The irony is that the statue of the Virgin Mary in front of the chapel bears the blue flag of the European Union. Is it safe to assume that the decision to place the flag there was based on the belief that thanks to the EU, there would be no more great wars? One of the goals of the founders of Europe was to make war materially impossible. Unfortunately, they forgot to make invasion materially impossible.

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At December 25, 2013 1:38 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

A sad and tragic fate, but the further irony is that Arsène Heitz who designed the EU flag, said he used Mary's crown or halo of 12 stars from the Book of Revelation as a basis for the flag.


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