Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Diminishing the Family

An article posted at the website of Ouest-France, a local newspaper of western France, recapitulates the measures taken during 2013 by the French government to weaken and undermine the family. The author, Jeanne-Emmanuelle Hutin, notes five areas of concern, calling them acts, as if a drama were being performed, with the Family as the doomed protagonist. She begins with a few general comments:

The Family is a treasure for the French. A refuge from the storm, it is also the place for solidarity and transmission. Family roots allow us to situate ourselves in the long ascent of the centuries, to learn how to live together, to project ourselves into the future and to construct with a firm hand the abode of happiness.

But in the shadows, the Family is being fundamentally altered. An avalanche of measures fall down on it, transforming its nature, its foundation, its means of existence, its image.

Through a series of reforms and small scattered modifications, the ministries add their contribution to the puzzle of the new family policy. The citizens will discover it, in the end, without having measured its full implications.

Act I. September 2012 sets the tone: "In order to give freedom of choice, we must be able to snatch the pupil from all determined factors: familial, ethical, social and intellectual," declared the minister of Education. Relegating families to the rank of a determinism does not fail to weaken their moral authority. Does he hope to create a "new man", indoctrinated into theories of all kinds? A laïcité that claims the right to enter into the human conscience raises the question of respect for fundamental freedoms and of the State's exploitation by means of a secular belief system.

Note: I don't know if that's clear. Yes, they want a "new man". The idea of l'uomo nuovo is not new. Great social upheavals often create new types. The Renaissance, the explorations, the Industrial Revolution, the wars, all had as their outcome new personality types. Certainly Communism sought to create a new, perfectly controlled, perfectly obedient type. The French minister of Education hypocritically and/or naively believes that by wresting the child from all influences, he is giving that child freedom of choice, when in fact the child will have no choice but to be a robot in the service of the coagulated Socialist machinery, and the child's only religion will be laïcité. Heritage, emotional connections, spiritual needs, a sense of reality, intellectual curiosity and karma are abolished in favor of an empty slate that the child is supposed to fill with… what? With obedience to specious gods and unrealizable goals. To dissent against this force-fed fiction means death. Not to dissent is far worse.

Act II. A change in the nature of filiation as a consequence of homosexual marriage occurred in the Spring of 2013. The norm was that a child had a father and a mother. Today he can legally have two fathers or two mothers, which, in this case, gives him a fictitious filiation.

Note: Filiation refers to the transmission from parent to child. While nothing can change the blood, a child can now legally have two mothers, meaning that legally he has no father, etc… What will this do to children growing up in a genetically modified, artificially imposed matrix?

Act III. At the same time, they erased from the Civil Code the words "father and mother" and replaced them with "spouses". The nature of the family was changed. Does this legal disappearance foreshadow the marginalization of the social role of fathers and mothers?

Note: Of course it does. No family, no happy child. No happy child, only unhappy children seeking solace. Where do they find solace? In the dysfunctional Socialist multi-culti, value-free, culture-free, religion-free State. What happens if one of these unhappy children commits a crime? Nothing happens. It wasn't his fault. It was just a rite of passage. Too bad for the victim, but he should have stayed home.

Act IV. In the Winter of 2013 large families were under the fiscal microscope. Lowering the standard tax deduction for families will result in higher taxes for many of them. But they are the first ones penalized by the increase in the TVA (value-added tax). A double penalty!

Note: The tax situation for families in France has been worsening over the years. The family "quotient" or deduction based on the size of the family has been cut from 2000 to only 1500 euros. The government insists that the wealthier ones will pay more taxes, but this does not always seem to be the case. Le Figaro ran an article back in March 2013 explaining how this fiscal change affects all families, and discourages marriage.

Act V. They propose a plan to abolish joint tax returns (foyer fiscal). Society recognized the family as a unity, spelled out in the declaration of joint revenues. Now they want to break this unity by making each spouse fill out his/her own… in order to incite women to work. As if they weren't free because they were married!

Why mistreat families in this way? Is it because they are the bastion of freedom against the authoritarian technocratic temptations? Isn't it an unjust trial they are being subjected to, while they contribute so much to to our solidarity and to our education as citizens? Instead of driving them out of the public space, it is imperative to support them.

Two views of the French family: above, a portrait of the Dubufe family by Claude-Marie-Paul Dubufe (1790-1864), a highly successful painter born during the period of the French Revolution. The child in front is a boy, Édouard, who also became a painter. Below, The Happy Family (1642) by Louis Le Nain, one of three brothers, two of whom were painters. Two entirely different classes of society, two different periods in French history, both undeniably rooted in family values.

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At January 02, 2014 12:16 PM, Anonymous John de Melle said...

Pray for us that the Socialist Government is defeated next year in the Local and European elections; also in the next Presidential and National elections.

At February 18, 2014 2:31 PM, Anonymous degaust said...

Resist, resist, resist changes to the very foundation of civil, Christian society as it has evolved through eons of time. Do not allow the social engineers destroy what nature has deemed fitting for the development of mankind into functioning, civilized communities.


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