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Crimes, car burnings, accidents this New Year's Eve

Update: January 5, 2014 - See the latest news on the crime in the Trocadéro gardens. 

Update: January 2, 2014 - I feel I must update this post. When I wrote it last night my impression was that all the crime victims (not those in accidents) were persons of the ghettos or immigrants or children of immigrants, etc… We are all aware that the French press covers up for immigrant criminals, but the story about the killing in the Trocadéro gardens spoke of two gangs - at least that is how I interpreted it. The news report described two "groups", which I translated as "gangs", on the assumption that the press was covering up for the gangs by calling them "groups". In French the word for "gang" is "bande", not "groupe". It now seems that there was one "group" of whites and one "group" of criminals (not white) at the Trocadéro. So my assumption (that I did not express) that they were all immigrants was wrong. I also assumed that the father who was killed in Alsace could have been an immigrant, since he was out on the street, and I felt nobody in their right mind would go out on New Year's Eve. Here too I was wrong, since it now appears he was ethnic French. Finally the young man in Grenoble who died a horrific death after being tortured with stab wounds to his head was also probably white. This new interpretation of these events comes from Riposte Laïque and I urge caution, because I am still not certain of the race of the victims. Immigrants can certainly be victims of other immigrants, especially where gangs and drugs are concerned. For now all things point to anti-white crimes.

Good news from Le Figaro:

Manuel Valls has announced that only 1,067 cars were burned on New Year's Eve, a 10.6% reduction over last year. The figures cover the period from 6:00 p.m. December 31 to 6:00 a.m. January 1.

The minister spoke of "positive results" for the overnight period. "We must feel encouraged by these results."

In addition, there were 322 persons arrested, with 217 held in custody. And five policemen and gendarmes were wounded.

After that upbeat report from Valls, I turned to a much longer article where we learn that:

A young man from the department of l'Essonne was killed by a member of a gang that had attacked his girlfriend in order to rob her. Around 3:00 a.m. two gangs confronted each other in the Trocadéro gardens. One gang stole the girl's handbag, the other gang tried to get it back. In the struggle, a young man of 20 (called "Antoine") was stabbed in the heart and died instantly. Manuel Valls declared: "I strongly condemn this murderous act that felled a young man and cast a pall over the New Year's festivities and I send my sad condolences to the family."

Note: A reader wonders if there is such a thing as condolences that aren't sad. Below, the police search the Trocadéro gardens.

Wednesday evening, the minister confirmed that a second attack had taken place on avenue Kléber, not far away, but he did not want to link the two events.

In southern Alsace a man, 45, married with one daughter, was stabbed to death. According to the mayor of Dannemarie, he was killed during a fight between young persons, on the street, at 1:00 a.m. The alleged killer is in custody.

A young man of 21 was savagely killed during the night from stab wounds to his head in the suburbs of Grenoble. There was a "relatively large" number of stab wounds to his head and his chest, explained the prosecutor. First reports indicate that the killing took place during a fight of unknown origin, "a dispute that turned ugly, with five individuals. Four of them held the man while the fifth stabbed him."

Two men were injured in the department of le Val-de-Marne. One was seriously wounded in the chest and leg while leaving a private party, the other was also stabbed in an apartment in Champigny during a brawl. One man, inebriated, was arrested.

In a different vein, a man was accidentally killed while manipulating fireworks in Alsace. The mortar exploded in the face of the victim, 29, while he was partying with friends.

Three young persons (age range 18-25) were found dead this morning asphyxiated from fumes from a small heater. They were part of a group of friends who customarily celebrated New Year's Eve in a house in the village of Rians (department of le Var). The three had gone for a walk in the village and found, when they returned, that their friends were sleeping in the house. They decided to get the heater from under a tent to heat the annex in which they spent the night.

Note: The above incident is bizarre. According to a local report the "annex" is actually a small cabin and the "heater" was the type used by outdoor restaurants. Apparently the heater consumed all the oxygen in the cabin. The three victims were a girl, 18, and two men 24 and 25.

Since these are the reported incidents, we can always assume there are many not reported.

Finally, Nouvel Obs reports on preventive measures:

Fifty-three thousand police and gendarmes were on duty for New Year's Eve, as well as 36,000 firemen. In Paris nearly 9,000 police, gendarmes and firemen were mobilized, with special emphasis on certain areas such as the Champs-Elysées, Trocadéro, Champ-de-Mars where the sale of alcohol was forbidden as well as the sale of bottles of any kind. In the entire Parisian area the retail sale of fuel in any kind of portable container is forbidden until January 6 at 8:00 a.m. The sale and use of firecrackers and other mortars was strictly forbidden and there were no fireworks in Paris.

Below, Times Square where over a million gathered without major incident so far as I know. More photos at the Daily News.

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At January 02, 2014 3:41 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

If anyone goes to Trocadero at night, do not go into the gardens on the side or around the back. It's okay during the day with people jogging, etc., but at night, best to stay on the esplanade above where there are some police. It's pretty safe, crowded with foreign tourists, but even there, one should be aware of what is going on around one. Gangs can also hang out down by the fountains.

A tragedy for that young guy and the other victims under Valls. You are right to be cautious, but it is not unreasonable to assume the "jeunes" are involved. Well, at least less cars were burnt for the Saint-Sylvestre, only over a thousand !

A bit off topic, but here is an incredible speech by a different type of immigrant :

At January 03, 2014 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in the Grenoble area, I can confirm that the stabbing took place in a sensitive area, predominantly North African ethnicity. No surprises there really.


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